Why JiffyRPA for Digital Transformation

Cognitive test automation

  • JiffyTEST leverages ML and AI technologies to perform intelligent execution based on code changes, triggering relevant test changes.
  • JiffyTEST can intelligently build traceability when tests are run.
  • It has a self-learning capability that taps into the previous defects and production incidents for improved performance.
  • JiffyTEST can perform complex validations with a few clicks, allowing to continue or stop execution based on validation result.
  • Jiffy can execute tests across asynchronous applications that communicate through queues and batches, and define next steps based on events.

JiffyTEST leverages ML and AI te...

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Powerful execution engine

  • JiffyTEST is server based, enabling anytime anywhere browser-based access. No additional software on your desktop/laptop is needed.
  • JiffyTEST can execute multiple test cases in parallel, ramp up and ramp down servers based on execution load.
  • With scheduling, JiffyTEST can run unattended on a 24/7 basis. Jiffy also integrates with third-party tools like Jenkins for scheduling.
  • JiffyTEST offers smart solutions for multiple iterations of the same test case with different sets of input data and parallel execution.
  • Allows for highly configurable test data sources like CSV, XMLs, Excel and DB, leveraging powerful filter feature for test data management.

JiffyTEST is serv...

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Continuous test automation in DevOps

  • JiffyTEST easily integrates with DevOps processes, so you can automate before you test.
  • Jiffy can comfortably perform unit testing, integration testing, functional tests, regressions tests and product verification.
  • JiffyTEST can integrate seamlessly with over 21 CI tools like Jenkins, Teamcity etc.

JiffyTEST easily ...

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End to end test automation

  • The easy drag-drop-and-connect interface ensures you can start testing in a jiffy!
  • It can automate applications across
  • UI Automation - Web, Desktop
  • Integrate with FTP, Email, and Queues
  • Legacy system automation (Mainframe, AS400)
  • Web service virtualization
  • Serviced based automation (HTTP, REST, SOAP, etc.)

The easy drag-drop-and-connect interface ensures you can start testing in a...

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Comprehensive integration

  • In addition to 20+ CI tools, Jiffy can also integrate with Jira, ALM, Rally or any third-party tool for requirements and defects.
  • JiffyTEST can be deployed on Cloud, In-Premise and Hybrid model.
  • Jiffy comes with built-in integration components like FTP, email, queue browser, queue publisher, Excel, PDF reader, OCR to automate across applications.
  • Jiffy can use REST and Soap components to invoke external services using XML or JSON formats.

In addition to 20+ CI tools, Jiffy can also integrate with Jira, ALM, Rally...

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Looking to leverage JiffyRPA’s intelligent automation for your enterprise? Here is some inspiration from organizations transformed by JiffyRPA.
How JiffyTEST Automation Works.


Define project, users and map roles and permissions to get going.


Define releases, add requirements, choose test cases from an existing repository. Create test sets and specify test environment.


Pick, drag & drop components and create test cases. Or, select, CTRL-C & CTRL-V from existing test cases and create. Check-Out, Modify, Validate and Check-In. Approve your check-In to the repository.


Click RUN from anywhere, anytime once you get a green tick, else log defect to JIRA or QC.

Monitor and improve

Monitor your Test Coverage Performance trend of test execution automation progress, and analyse defect patterns.

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