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JiffyRPA: A Cognitive Automation Solution for Regulatory Compliance in Banking

Jul 16 2019

Most banks and financial institutions struggle with the challenges posed by risk and regulatory compliance processes. Critical processes such as anti-money laundering alert investigations, Know Your Customer (KYC) validation, mortgage fraud checks, etc. can be time-consuming and repetitive. They’re also prone to errors at high volumes and involve multiple systems and data formats, making data aggregation and reconciliation a complicated, laborious affair. Some large global banks have led the way navigating this complex technology and regulatory landscape with RPA. With cognitive machine learning, natural language processing, flexibility, and end-to-end automation capabilities, Jiffy RPA is uniquely positioned to help banks with regulatory compliance processes. Download our use case to know how JiffyRPA can reduce turnaround times by up to 7 times, increase servicing capabilities, and improve organizational efficiency in banking.

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