Achieving Accelerated F&A Operations with Enhanced Quality Levels

Aug 01 2019

As a complex and heavily regulated domain, Finance and Accounting is privy to JiffyRPA’s innate transformative capabilities. Companies that have implemented JiffyRPA report that they are able to realize returns on their investment in six months or less, with success rates as high as 85%. JiffyRPA’s pre-packaged, domain-ready solutions and advanced automation capabilities can help clients streamline their critical finance and accounting processes with astounding ease and fetch visible business benefits along the way. Recently, JiffyRPA helped secure almost 90% automation levels with a leading European automobile manufacturer, who was facing challenges with their RPA implementation. Three of the client’s business-critical processes – Journal Voucher, Cash Apps and Expense Management – still required extensive manual intervention and were spinning out of scope of traditional, rule-based automation. This was impacting both efficiency levels as well as processing timelines. JiffyRPA not only achieved the desired level of automation, but also increased process efficiency, brought cost savings and other improvements. Not only was there an 80% reduction in errors, but SLAs for turnaround time improved by 60%.Read the full story. Fil

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