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JiffyRPA named Game Changer for Financial Services by IDC

for IDC, add read more. In the detail page, please add: “Jiffy’s integrated, server-based automation platform for RPA and intelligent automation has excited many customers recently. At a time when many organizations are now facing difficulties in scaling their automation deployments, Jiffy’s enterprise architecture makes it easier for its clients by enabling horizontal scalability and enhanced security and ensuring everything can be controlled and managed centrally, including storing every script or task user builds centrally in a repository. It also offers its clients the ability to automate the most complex UI applications across Web, Desktop, Mainframe, Java, Citrix, and PuTTY. Moreover, Jiffy’s Enterprise+ solution offers the ability to process unstructured and semi-structured data, as well as the features of advanced bot management, load balancing, and security vault by combining the power of automation, AI, and analytics in a single platform.” – Sneha Kapoor, Research Manager for IDC Asia/Pacific Financial Insights.

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