JiffyRPA Automates HR operations, Achieves 400% Reduction In Manual Effort, For A Leading Luxury Real-Estate Enterprise.

Executive Summary

Our client, a leading luxury real-estate enterprise in the Middle East, wanted to automate critical HR processes that were completely dependent on manual effort and involved multiple touchpoints and systems.

They turned to JiffyRPA to automate their HR operations, reduce the workload of employees, and increase efficiency.


A leading Middle-eastern luxury real-estate enterprise

Processes automated

HR operations

Time to implement

3 months (for dry runs and final implementation)

Technology provider


Client’s challenges

Business critical processes getting affected:

Manual processing of HR operations affected key people-related processes crucial to the successful functioning of the business, such as:
• Employee onboarding
• Employee exits
• Internal movements
• Departmental transfers
• Reporting
• Routine maintenance

Suboptimal use of skilled resources:

Manual processing of HR operations was turning highly repetitive, as the scale increased — involving updates to multiple applications with the same information. This meant that highly-skilled staff spent a lot of time on data entry.

High rate of errors — in up to 10% of cases:

Because of the tedium of the job and the volume of requests, many human errors crept into the process.

Scalability issues — Fluctuating resource allocation:

The client had to ramp up and ramp down the size of the HR ops team depending on whether it was the recruitment season or not — this posed many practical challenges.

Bottlenecks and delays:

The team was not able to handle the volume of requests pouring in during busy periods. For instance, the team could only handle 12-15 onboarding requests per day. During peak periods of recruitment, this caused delays in getting new employees onboarded.


JiffyRPA’s intelligent document processing and process automation capabilities helped the client scale employee onboarding and manage HR operations efficiently.

Digital workforce:

JiffyRPA deployed two bots to perform the task hitherto performed by 1 part-time and 3 full-time employees, eliminating bottlenecks from business-critical processes.

Intelligent document processing:

JiffyRPA, with OCR and cognitive capabilities, significantly decreased the time taken to process and verify documents. This also reduced error-rates and increased accuracy.

Dynamic scaling:

Based on the needs in any particular season, the client was able to deploy more bots, and shut them down when work is complete. This ability to scale dynamically helped them optimize cost and employee productivity.


Significant reduction in manual effort:

Two bots perform tasks done by 3 full-time and 1 part-time staff, eliminating document processing entirely from their roles. This gave back valuable time to the workforce.

Reduction in errors and tickets:

JiffyRPA delivered a significant reduction in the number of tickets raised regarding onboarding/exit, increasing accuracy.

Process TAT improvement:

Employee onboarding and movement processing reduced from 5 hours to 10 minutes

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