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Deep Field Learning

With JiffyRPA, UI automation of any web, desktop or mainframe application is possible.

JiffyRPA follows deep field learning mechanism to learn and identify UI elements. Therefore, any dynamic change in the element position or look and feel doesn’t affect the automation.

  • Consolidate all the various excel templates or ad hoc formats in which you receive inputs from users.
  • Embed validations at the data input.

Intelligent Orchestration

  • JiffyRPA comes with inbuilt orchestration
  • Optimal utilization of bots and managing tasks.
  • Seamlessly automate across technologies and applications.
  • Scale horizontally across servers, machines and networks.

Built-in Security Vault

Secure your automated processes with JiffyRPA’s Security Vault. Eliminate risks associated with sharing passwords and credentials, unauthorized access to sensitive processes etc.

Manage the security of sensitive data, passwords and other sensitive information in your organization, while segregating roles and access to bots.

Intelligent Document Processing

Leverage an Advanced Document Processor that helps you start processing documents from Day 1. No more hassles of updating document templates, creating new rules or training bots for new document formats.

The self-learning Document Processor learns new document formats from manual inputs whenever required and keeps improving its processing capabilities as you go.

Intelligent Process Automation

Combining Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing capabilities, JiffyRPA helps enterprises benefit from increased automation coverage and complimenting workforces with human-like decision making.

JiffyRPA deploys machine-learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to auto-rectify data input errors and making human-like decisions, allowing highly complicated processes to be automated and to deliver accurate output for different unstructured data. JiffyRPA stands apart from other RPA solutions as it does not depend on a template-based automation approach.

Intelligent Case Manager

Handle exceptions with ease with JiffyRPA’s intuitive, customizable dashboard – Jiffy Data Interface – that enables business users to provide inputs to bots and learn how to manage exceptions.

JiffyRPA - Modules

What do you get out of JiffyRPA?

  • Jiffy Core

    The Core JiffyRPA enabling UI, workflow or back-end automation across a wide range of applications and interacting with all the optional modules.

  • Jiffy Data Interface

    A portal interface to enable business users to interact and provide inputs to robots. Also, used to capture unstructured data from various channels like emails, work flows etc for robotic actions.

  • Jiffy ML & Analytics

    The Jiffy Cognitive Data layer enables cognitive RPA with its built-in peta-byte Scale storage, Data Lake, Data Visualization and Advanced ML based Analytics.

  • Jiffy Admin Module

    The Jiffy Admin module to perform admin activities like Deployments, Jiffy management (start/stop), Bot Management, View Server Details, View Logs etc.


How can you leverage intelligent automation for your enterprise?

Cognitive Invoice Processing using JiffyRPA

Cognitive Invoice Processing using JiffyRPA

Success Story: Accelerated Finance and Accounting Operations

Global Automobile Manufacturer

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