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Why is Test Automation with generic tools still a challenge for retailers?

Complex Order Management Landscape

Order Management applications are predominantly back end based (that is primarily API/Service based) with integration to UI based, Queue based and legacy applications

Complex Order Management Landscape

Asynchronous Order Orchestration

Automating the retail landscape requires ability to orchestrate between APIs, REST calls, Queues, Databases, with complex message transformations between applications that requires huge customization using generic automation tools

Asynchronous Order Orchestration

UI Automation is not sufficient

The order fulfillment process cannot be tested by just automating screens, as UI Automation only captures Order Status, and not necessarily the Order Flow

UI Automation is not sufficient

Multi-line Order Fulfilment

With omni-channel commerce, order fulfillment validation requires ability to test across multiple channels including BOPUS, SFS, STS, Same Day, etc.

Multi-line Order Fulfilment

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