Does your automation tool know what to test?
Achieve intelligent testing with Jiffy
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Breaking down silos
Implement seamless end-to-end automation testing across applications
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Test Automation Simplified
Start automating from Day One
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IBM Sterling Ready!

Featured in the top 25 IBM Solution providers by CIO Outlook

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Continuous Test Automation in DevOps

Achieve not just Continuous Test Automation; add intelligence to it with our cognitive automation engine

  • Achieve 100% continuous testing
  • Integration with CI tools like Jenkins, Teamcity, etc.
  • Re-use tests across Unit, Functional, Regression cycle

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  • UI Automation - Web, Desktop

  • Integrate with FTP, Email, and Queues

  • Legacy system automation (Mainframe, AS400)

  • Web service virtualization

  • Serviced based automation (HTTP, REST, SOAP, etc.)

Automate E2E with ease

Automate your integrated applications in a single flow.

  • Seamlessly integrate across applications – be it web, desktop, service or legacy
  • Test real business scenarios across the product life cycle
  • Make integration test automation a reality

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