Enable testers to focus on testing rather than on scripting

Easy to Design & Maintain

Jiffy comes with intuitive design components that help you automate test cases with ease. Just drag, drop and connect pre-configured components and your automated test case is ready. Jiffy is perhaps the only automation product in the market that helps you integrate UI and backend automation seamlessly.

  • Intuitive Test Design

    No scripting/programming knowledge required. Just drag and drop the relevant components to automate your test.

  • Powerful validations

    Translate complex validations into simple yet powerful rules. Validate multiple results with a few clicks. Choose to continue or stop execution based on validation result.

  • Version management

    All test cases within project, release & repository are version controlled. All templates are version controlled.

  • Check-In Check-Out features

    Standard Check-In, Check-Out features across releases including GITHUB Integration.

  • Comprehensive Dashboards and Reporting

    Powerful dashboards provide insights about how your tests and applications are behaving with system health monitoring.

Powerful Execution Engine

Jiffy leverages the power of an enterprise application stack for your test automation. Execute thousands of tests in parallel without worrying about infrastructure.

Built in Integration Components

Leverage our built in integration components to make end to end automation simple. Automate your end to end scenario across web, desktop, mainframe, REST, Soap, FTP , Queues in a few hours.

  • Integration Components

    Leverage built-in integration components like FTP, Email, Queue Browser, Queue Publisher, Excel, PDF reader, OCR to automate across applications

  • Intelligent Timers

    Execute tests across asynchronous applications that communicate through Queues and batches. Define next steps based on events.

  • Service Virtualization

    Virtualize web services to replace unavailable services of a system in non-integrated environments.

  • REST and Soap

    Use REST and Soap components to invoke external services using XML or JSON formats

UI Automation Simplified

Be it web, desktop, Mainframe, Windows, Java or Citrix, we have it all covered. Design your UI automated tests with just a few clicks. And if you are a coder at heart, we have it covered for you as well.

  • Scriptless UI Automation

    Automate web and desktop, Mainframe and any UI based applications with ease. Jiffy UILearn application helps you familiarize UI Controls and design your own UI tests with simple clicks.

  • Dynamic UI Controls for flexibility

    Customize UI Control properties, be it xpath, class, name etc. You can also write your dynamic script for providing custom behavior to your UI controls.

  • Execution Accuracy

    Jiffy dynamically attempts multiple element properties to identify the object including xpath, class, object name, class properties, automation id etc.

  • Low Maintenance

    Any changes to the UI can be easily incorporated by just re-familiarizing the UI control. No changes are required for existing script.

  • Automatic Screenshots

    Configure your UI test to automatically capture screenshots of steps that are being executed or those in error.

  • Exception Handling

    Jiffy provides exception handling capabilities to capture typical exceptions that occur while executing a UI script.

  • UI Components

    Modularize your UI steps into components that can be used across test cases.

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