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Introduce Cognitive capabilities into your DevOps and implement Intelligent Test Automation.

Given the reduction in release cycle times, enterprises have embraced test automation to varying degrees of maturity - right from basic automation of the web pages to complex automation across the enterprise, including back-end applications.

Our experience with global customers tells us that 60% of automated tests they run at any point of time is ineffective.

What is challenging them, and you?

Automated tests get repetitive as they lack intelligence

Integrated testing continues to be done manually due to the lack of end-to-end automation capability

Automation failure rates are high and the reasons for failure are difficult to identify


Start your Intelligent Automation journey with Jiffy


  • With the power of cognitive, machine learning algorithms, Jiffy helps customers automate their testing in an intelligent manner.
  • The cognitive engine in Jiffy can intelligently build traceability when tests are run. It also has a self-learning capability that taps into the previous defects and production incidents as well.
  • Powered with these details, every time you make a change, Jiffy will intelligently trigger a set of relevant test cases.


Every time you make a change, Jiffy intelligently triggers a set of relevant test cases.

Achieve more with less

Prepare to be surprised when you see the reduction in the number of tests that you need to run and the costs you save against a traditional automation approach!

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