JiffyRPA for IT Ops


Making the CTOs job a wee bit easier with robotic process automation for IT service management.

Today, being the CTO/CIO is one of the toughest jobs around. Organizations expect nothing short of miracles from technology, even as budgets continue to shrink. The IT organization — often made of several legacy systems — is expected to function at peak efficiency and stability, while also stay agile and nimble for the dynamic business environment.

How can CTOs equip themselves for this unsurmountable task?

With RPA.

While you make the gradual change from large legacy systems to state-of-the-art tech with microservices, RPA can act as a driver of efficiency, free up precious manhours, allowing you to focus on your transformation agenda.

RPA can streamline IT ops in many places be it in helpdesk for incident management or in QA and production support where you can automate testing, UAT and deployment.

The process maturity in helpdesk operations makes it a likely candidate to leverage RPA. Simple but repeated trouble tickets like password reset, access requests etc. can be easily automated. An intelligent RPA can even take the level of automation to 100%!

IT systems maintenance like OS patching, system upgrades, security audit processes etc. can be tackled using RPA, recovering ROI very soon.

In fact, we helped a multi-country, multi-business conglomerate to automate their IT operations. We brought in time and cost savings in the areas of trouble ticketing, maintenance, and service operations.

JiffyRPA was implemented in record time for them to enable them to reap the benefits sooner.

JiffyRPA interacted with the legacy ticketing portal to identify open ticket and the category and acted accordingly. Requests like employee onboarding, employee movement which took about 60 minutes were handled in seconds. Tasks like software installation and upgrade requests which took several hours to fulfill were completed within minutes.

In business, the proof of the pudding in the numbers – JiffyRPA delivered a whopping 7X reduction in the turnaround time for trouble ticketing and saved over 16 days a month for the service maintenance team.

To know more about RPA in IT ops, read our case study here. Schedule a demo with our consultants to see JiffyRPA in action