JiffyRPA: An End-to-End Automation Solution for Telecommunications

JiffyRPA: A cognitive automation solution for legal processes

Success in the telecom industry demands efficiency in customer-centric activities. However, network providers are weighed down by operational processes – such as cost checks, data handling, service assurance, billing management, fallout management, order management, and provisioning, etc.

To support multiple products and services, these activities require numerous steps to be carried out manually at the back end across disparate platforms and applications on a daily basis. As a result, these critical processes are time-consuming and error-prone.

RPA can enable telecom companies to manage huge volumes of day-to-day tasks and reduce the need for manual intervention. With cognitive capabilities, machine learning, natural language processing features, and flexibility, JiffyRPA can manage end-to-end automation framework for important telecom processes.

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