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Resolving Complex F&A Operations with Cognitive RPA

Cognitive RPA bots can simplify and transform even the most complex of processes. A case in point is Option3’s recent collaboration with a leading automobile manufacturer, who was struggling with their complicated and chaotic Order to Cash process. The client dealt with high volumes of unstructured remittance receipts, which were often difficult to decipher. The entire process required a lot of manual intervention and was highly error-prone. Since it involved complex logic, decision-making and volatile invoice formats, traditional rule-based automation was out of the question!

This is where JiffyRPA stepped in, bringing its next-generation cognitive and self-learning capabilities to the table. Through an iterative learning model, JiffyRPA bots quickly mastered the Order to Cash process, delivering end-to-end automation in invoice reading, matching and processing. JiffyRPA achieved more than 85% success rates, processed nearly 10,000 payments in a month – and what’s more, delivered ROI within the first six months of deployment! Read our whitepaper to know more.

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